We are a team of marketing experts that have developed TrafficOfSites.com to quickly estimate traffic of any website. The algorithm behind this website analyzes many aspects of a website to estimate website worth/value and to calculate the website traffic (pageviews, visitors, revenue). When we say "website revenue", we mean the earnings coming from advertisements, such as the popular Google AdSense or Media.Net. All the statistics are just an estimation, but we always optimize the algorithm to make sure the statistics are more accurate as possible.

This website traffic checker service can help you find out how much traffic a website may have, and is useful, for example, if you want to acquire a website from an unknown seller and you want to calculate how much is the website worth or how much is the website traffic. You can use this free web tool to monitor the traffic of your website to see if it grows. We do NOT guarantee the information present in this website are 100% accurate, however we do our best to use the most reliable and authoritative sources from the web.

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